BABY CHICKS. July 10, 2013 Welp Hatchery located in Bancroft, Iowa was established in 1929 by Joseph H Welp. We know poultry! We here at The Chick Hatchery have been supplying family farmers, hobby flock owners and Feed Stores with chicks of the highest quality since 2012. Egg production has a history within the Iowa Blue, albeit through an early 1900’s perspective and expectation of egg production. Iowa Blue chicken is a great dual purpose backyard breed. Being a medium sized dual purpose breed they require less feed than larger birds, produce good egg quantity and size, and have the ability to prove a delicious table dressing. We grow and maintain all of it here on the 40 acre farm in western Clinton county Iowa. Some chickens in a roost. Iowa Blue chicks are primarily black with white wing tips, abdomens and neck fronts. It’s a display of beautiful birds. Click on your breeder or hatchery of interest for more information. On March 30, 2016 International Poultry Breeders Hatcheries, INC – an Iowa corporation – acquired the assets of Welp Hatchery which are being used for ongoing operations in Bancroft. This characteristic transforms flock keeping from tending to pastoral observing during these seasons, and add to this the flock’s natural inclination for self-protection, and one realizes that this breed allows the flock keeper much freedom and independence from the traditional maintenance of the average chicken flock. From the moment they hatch from the shell, one quickly realizes the Iowa Blue chicks behaving in the most unusual ways, quite unlike anything witnessed by any other breed. Breeders living in the state of Iowa have observed the Iowa Blue foraging as though not a care existed, while birds of other breeds are panting in the shade with wings outstretched as they seek to survive the summer heat. I ordered 10 and I got 2 blue, 2 lavender, 2black, 2 white,and 2 slash ameraucanas. Reasons to keep a flock of chickens are as varied and captivating as the animals themselves. This would of course result in less inclination to brood, and in time we may find individual lines of Iowa Blues who lay more and brood less, while some breeders will maintain consistent broody lines. Iowa Blue Facts: Size: Male: 7 Ibs. So it’s a great plus if you want to raise males and females separately from a very early stage. Accounts from past persons familiar with consuming Iowa Blue meat have stated that the carcass was suitable as a table fowl with a pleasant flavor. Our vast selection allows you to choose from chicken eggs, bantam eggs, duck eggs, turkey eggs, guinea eggs, and many other varieties. This is a very endangered breed with less than 60 Silver pullets accounted for in IBCC's last Census, but with the help of a few very devoted breeders the Iowa Blue is coming back from the brink of extinction. These early chicken breeds weren’t always as “fine-tuned” in type and color as their modern counterparts, but they did possess something more; namely, they provided for the survival of their masters as well as offering the ability for their owners to experience a self-sustaining independence. The hatchery gave us a nice mix plus one extra. Chickens are trained for these shows and they are cleaned very well and given manicures too. Though very aware of their surroundings in a free-range situation, the breed is fairly docile and not particularly flighty. Compared to our modern hybrids who are laying anywhere from 250-350+ eggs per hen per year, the early era laying breeds initially seem unfit for the job of supplying eggs for the home. For Iowa, no breed could be found to take on with ease and simplicity, our 100+ degree days with 100% humidity only to be expected to bear our -30 degree days with contentment a mere six months later. Chick down color varies depending on the color variety. This required a chicken to be hardy enough to handle to elements of nature; the wind and cold, the rain and heat, threat of a predator while at the same time growing to a good size with minimal human support. Oct 21, 2015 - AVG Secure Search - Search the web safely and privately. The back should be wide and level. They will jab at them with their beaks rendering the pest wounded, then grasp the creature within its beak and shake it vigorously; much like a dog shakes its victim. Mice, rats, or snakes will soon meet their end if an Iowa Blue gets their eye on it. As low as $1.30/each When it comes to pests, the Iowa Blue feels the role of exterminator belongs to them. They are hardy birds that pull their weight graciously around the yard. The combination of two heritage breeds ensures vigor. plucky attitude and proud carriage, the Iowa Blue is a dual-purpose homesteader chicken, known to be an excellent forager. Although the Iowa Blue possesses an aggressive nature toward those creatures it deems a threat, that same aggression is not expressed toward humans. Egg production of these numbers is quite common among the better laying broody breeds, and it may prove somewhat challenging to boost egg numbers while at the same time preserving the hen’s natural inclination to brood. Weight To this extreme expectation the Iowa Blue was bred not only to survive in, but to perform to the expectations and survival of the farm family. Great job. The Iowa Blue chickens are suitable for raising in both confined and free range system. Large Fowl. A folk legend tells the story of a white Plymouth Rock hen emerging from under a building with a clutch of chicks that were colored solid chestnut to striped. 398 likes. This breed was founded near Decorah, Iowa in the early 1900's. Exhibition/ Show Poultry. Iowa Blue Farm subscriptions are an automatic way of getting your treats and feed delivered on your schedule. Our new Blue Sapphire Rock is a hybrid cross that produces a blue bird, with some barring pattern on the males. Iowas have three distinct color varieties There was a standard made around the silver variety due to... Iowa Blue Chicken Breeders General Chat Founded with the purchase of the farm December 5, 1988 our collection has grown to over 2500 varieties of vegetable crops and poultry. The Blue Plymouth Rock chicken is a cross between a native Andalusian male and Plymouth Barred Rock female. However, none could be found to take on both the Iowa summers and winters with ease. Iowa Blue chicken hatcheries and breeders Check out the video slideshow below to see examples of Iowa Blue roosters, hens, and chicks. Learn about how we are dealing with COVID-19 | Important Updates. Blue egg layer surplus . DIYSeattle Their wattles and earlobes are medium to moderately large as well, and they are all bright red. The Iowa Blue is a breed of chicken that originated near Decorah, Iowa in the early 20th century. But do not be deceived by that calm nature, as they will make their escape when they perceive your defenses are down, or your hand has lightened its grip. The Iowa Blue ceased to be offered via this hatchery when the Bolson brothers sold the hatchery to Steve Matter who re-named the hatchery The Decorah Hatchery. Their eggs are a bit smaller than the Ideal line and their egg production is closer to the 150 eggs per hen per year. We carry the widest selection of rare and exotic breeds, and poutry supplies to assist homesteaders, small farmers, hobbyists and backyard flocks. Written By Bri Wyzard. Iowa blue chickens are vigorous breeders and are early to mature. At Cackle Hatchery® we offer the gorgeous Sumatra chicken. Description. When you enter their coop, they will simply walk out of your way, always staying within a few feet’s distance, but should you make an attempt to capture them, they will quickly avert your attempts. Survivability runs deep in the blood of an Iowa Blue, and what would survival be without the inclusion of procreation? Use: The nearly extinct Iowa Blue chicken breed has great dual-purpose qualities. Males are noted to be excellent flock guardians and They are vigorous breeders and are early to mature. Whether it’s a hawk, opossum, raccoon, cat, etc., the accounts of their dedicated protection are numerous indeed, and each breeder will have multiple witnessed testimonies to their protective abilities. It is an exceedingly rare fowl, and is not recognized for showing by the American Poultry Association. With the help of our hatching eggs, you can have access to quality fertile poultry eggs at various price points. The head has a somewhat upright appearance, and the tail is set at a jaunty angle of 80 degrees. For more information on due diligence, check out the article, NPIP certification: How to know if your breeder or hatchery is safe to buy from. Beyond the ability to make the elements of nature appear as nothing, this breed has mastered the ability to stay alive, well beyond the ability to survive what the weather brings. This is quite different from today where breeds (or strains in the case of hybrid flocks) are often times created by corporations or hobby farmers. Check out the video slideshow below to see examples of Iowa Blue roosters, hens, and chicks. Hens will go broody, exhibiting good maternal characteristics. Looking for a chicken hatchery Iowa? The cause of the chickens blackness is a genetic condition known as fibromelanosis. These size recommendations appear to maintain breed consistency and should prove to add value to the breed as a meat supplier. 888.685.0040 Cornish Cross Ship for Free! Smoky chicks hatch yellow with striping of the head and backs. Blue Plymouth Rock Chicken Facts. It was developed in the early 1900s near Decorah, Iowa. On and after April 1st, the minimum number of chicks required is 6 for selected breeds and 15 for all other chicks. With extinction ready to grab the Iowa Blue out of existence every few decades of the breed’s reign, few individuals (if any from 1980 to present) have actively and aggressively pursued egg laying qualities into their flock breeding programs – that is, until now. Standard Chickens A-K. We offer many types of Meat Birds from fast growing Cornish Cross to slow growing Breeds. Iowa Blue. Old-timers tell the tale that the chicks were sired by a pheasant. Rated 4.48 out of 5. Check out the video slideshow below to see examples of Iowa Blue roosters, hens, and chicks. As low as: $ 3.90; Hatchery Surprise. We here at The Chick Hatchery have been supplying family farmers, hobby flock owners and Feed Stores with chicks of the highest quality since 2012. We have a state-of-the-art hatchery with the knowledge and experience to go along with it. Blue Cochins. Iowa, as a State, is positioned in such a location as to enjoy (or suffer depending on one’s perspective) the humid heat of a southern summer while at the opposite end of the calendar, the arctic cold of the Canadian tundra. The remaining accounts described the bird as a medium sized creature, and two individuals (Michael Moore and Glenn Drowns) described the Iowa Blue’s size to rest between a Leghorn and a Plymouth Rock. They handle confinement well and without complaint, however, one will find the breed to flourish is given the opportunity to free range. 08.23.2011 No Comments Yet. Please email the webmaster if you have questions.. Powered by Create your own unique website with customizable templates. A folk legend tells the story of a white Plymouth Rock hen emerging from under a building with a clutch of chicks colored solid chestnut to striped. Silver chicks are typically brown with broken mottled striping down their backs. The Iowa Blue was developed in the early 1900's near Decorah, Iowa. Such extremes aren’t easy on livestock, especially stock that is at the smaller end of the scale. New Membership / Renewal Memberships are currently disabled. They also produce sex-linked offspring when used in cross-breeding programs. They were once bred and sold in a number of hatcheries in Iowa but since they have closed, the breed has practically disappeared. BOX 200 RUDD, IA 50471, USA. Through 4 generations we are dedicated to providing healthy poultry. Please note that grey to light grey plumage is referred to as blue or lavender feathering in the chicken industry. But raising them in free range system will help to reduce feeding costs, and at the same time your birds will produce very good quality products. Here is a list of hatcheries with chickens for sale in the state of Iowa to help you find one near you plus tips. One can however, induce the hen to resume laying by removing her chicks at a designated time, and therefore increase the egg supply while maintaining the brooding quality. The Iowa Blue chicken breed originated in Decorah, Iowa in the early 20th century and despite its name, it is not actually blue. Adults have the birchen plumage pattern, which is primarily black with white. ; Birchen chicks are … No obligation. Until that article I had never heard of the Iowa Blue chicken, so I did some research and found the Iowa Blue Chicken Club and their website and found they had a lot of information about the Iowa Blue. Category: Pet, eggs, & meatOrigin: United StatesEgg-laying ability: ModerateBroodiness: HighMeat production: Moderate-goodCold tolerance: Poor-exceptional (depends on comb size)Heat tolerance: Good-exceptionalPredator evasion:  ExceptionalForaging ability: ExceptionalToleration for confinement: ModerateTemperament: Friendly, activeAggression toward flock members: ModerateNoise level: Moderate. Hatchery Management; Hatching and Incubators; Heating and Ventilation; Poultry Housing and Equipment; Odor Management; Raising Chickens for Meat; Waste Management; ... Iowa Blue Chicken; Iowa Blue Chicken. Iowa Blue roosters have a reputation as flock defenders, and it is a common occurrence to witness an Iowa Blue rooster aiding in the protection of his posterity. We Are America's Premier Poultry Source! IOWA CITY, Iowa (AP) — Like John Wayne, Eskimo Pie and the Gallup poll, Iowans are proud of Iowa-born. ... Welp Hatchery is in Bancroft Iowa. Please call ahead of time before visiting hatchery. Iowa Blue by: RAISING CHICKENS I'd keep looking and find a reputable breeder that will help you. Iowa blue chicken’s weight of male chicken is 8 Pounds, the weight of hen is 7 Pounds and a young rooster is 7 Pounds, Pullet is 6 Pounds. Its blue-gray and lavender plumage make it an exceptionally attractive bird. One obvious disadvantage to broodiness is the lack of egg production, and to this end a few breeders have expressed an interest in developing the laying qualities in their flocks. Tail set is neither overly full nor elegantly flowing. The Cemani is a completely black chicken inside and out, meaning skin, meat, feathers, feet, comb, and even inside their months are black and some say even their blood is black. Townline is the oldest operating mail-order hatchery in the United States. Iowa Blue chicken hatcheries and breeders. Iowa Blue Chickens. Photo by Lynn Stone History: Very little is known about the origins of the Iowa Blue chicken, though a folktale surrounding the breed has its lineage beginning with a Leghorn hen. Since 1929. Despite its name, the breed is not actually blue according to poultry standards. Once they are sold out, that's it until next year. Welp Hatchery of Iowa is a chicken hatchery that sells day-old poultry including chickens, turkeys, pheasants, geese, and ducks. As the chicks advance into their second to third weeks of age, the popping will cease and will be replaced with deep crouching followed by rapid evasiveness if they perceive one is too close for comfort. Hens are known among some breeders to be persistent in their desire to brood and can be somewhat difficult to break (again, this persistency is more often found in the Sandhill line). If the clutch is large enough, the popping will appear like popcorn popping. It checks every page before you even click on a link to make sure your identity, your personal information and your PC are protected. In this, the Iowa Blue does not fail. The gender of the chicks can be determined by color upon hatching. On the Silver Penciled chicks, a soft chocolate brown down color combined with light mottling on the face, is the most common. Survivability is a common trait found in the early 1900’s era breeds, and to this ability, the Iowa Blue is second to none. In the time period starting in the middle to late 1800’s till the 1940’s and 50’s, breeds were created on the farms which they were expected to provide for. The chicken breeders are highlighted at the shows as well. Whiting True Blue As a reminder, to help ensure a safe arrival to you, the minimum number of chicks for each order prior to April 1st is 25. Leo and his wife Edna were sole owners of Ideal from 1946 until 1973 when they sold the business to Monroe, their youngest son. We pride ourselves on selection, quality, and customer service. Welcome to Meyer Hatchery! And their confidence is justified. The Iowa Blue is an American breed that was developed in the early 1900's near Decorah, Iowa by John Logsdon. We sell a variety of fertile hatching chicken eggs and poultry eggs for incubation. It is in this environment that the Iowa Blue was developed and for which the Iowa Blue was expected to flourish in. Due to the fact that Iowa Blue chickens are extremely rare, they have never been recognized as an official breed by the American Poultry Association or … Some of the chicks will make short to high pops straight into the air, while others will sideways pop in varying lengths and degrees. As an early 1900’s type chicken, the Iowa Blue was created at a time when chickens were expected to do more than simply lay eggs and produce meat. 08.23.2011 We receive sexed day old chicks from reputable hatcheries in order to be able to offer a wide variety of breeds. Regarding humans, the Iowa Blue would rather keep a short distance, blending uniquely the calm and flighty characteristics. By 1989, not only was Ransome's flock the only fertile flock left, but it was the only breed Ransome had continued to breed. ; Charcoal chicks are solid chestnut/mulberry in coloration without the mottled/striped pattern over their backs. Iowa Blue Chickens. In this post, you’ll learn where you can find Iowa Blue chickens. The farm has about 23 tillable acres and 17 acres of sand hill left from glacial outwash. Be sure to do your own due diligence before purchase. Also, subscription holders receive access to new products before they are released and exclusive Iowa Blue Farm giveaways. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Privett Hatchery PO Box 176 Portales, NM 88130 Ph: 575-356-6425 Monday thru Friday 8 AM - 5 PM Mountain Time They were eventually named Iowa Blues by W.C. Fenton who sold the breed out of an Iowa hatchery in the 1960's and 1970's. Nov 6. We sell over 200 varieties of chickens, game birds, and waterfowl as eggs, baby birds, and adults. On the Birchen colored chicks, one will find a mostly black chick with various amounts of white on the belly, chin, and sometimes the face. Iowa Blue (nearing extinct status) Blue Laced Andulasians. Many hatcheries only offer chicks once a year. His account is the only one listing such weights and is the only one found to be in disagreement. The down has a very unique look to it, almost like a silvery under color to the chocolate down, and gives the chick a very dimensional appearance. 401 likes. Good way to get a few blue egg layers. When one approaches the chicks from above, they will crouch down low, observe their handlers actions, then pop if the handler gets too close for their comfort. White Ameraucana Chickens. Iowa Blue Chicken Characteristics. This specific variety features blue tinted feathers as well as the long flowing tail and multiple spurs on … A new color: sky blue Sky blue keets are a solid light blue color with white … $ 6.00 Pewter Keet. Where the Iowa Blue is found living in the southern states, the breed seems most tolerant and adaptable, no doubt due to his ability to handle Iowa’s summer heat. Chick Days at farm supply stores every Friday and Saturday February thru October: NOTICE: Sales of less than 10 total chicks will be an additional $1.00 per chick Whether you’re looking to live more sustainably, have a tighter connection to your food source, preserve a beloved breed, enter into competitive showing, or simply have a unique pet, Purely Poultry has the knowledge and experience necessary to find the perfect match for you. 401 likes. The original stock came in a unique form of the silver penciled pattern that made the hens appear to be a blue-grey color from a distance, hence the name. The Sandhill line hens are known to lay in “streaks” where an egg a day for weeks is followed by a week or two off, only to repeat the pattern of weeklong laying. Photos courtesy of The Iowa Blue Chicken Club For the fans of Iowa Blue chickens - est. We can handle all sizes of poultry orders and can ship any anywhere in the United States throughout the year. Author: Curt Burroughs It is an exceedingly rare fowl, and is not recognized for showing by the American Poultry Association.They are a dual-purpose breed laying brown eggs and known to be good foragers. Silver chicks are typically brown with broken mottled striping down their backs. The … $ 5.15 Pied Keet Rated 5.00 out of 5 To connect with breeders and to show off our Iowa Blues to help this land race breed survive. We also offer alternative free range meat birds. This leaves her with roughly 250 days to maintain her production duties. A Few Golden Chicken Breeds For The Stars Leave a comment Iowa Blue chicken is a dual purpose breed. The Iowa Blue should make a great addition to a backyard or farm flock. Iowa Blue Hen sculpture by Amber O'Harrow - Located in Coralville, IA. Iowa Blue: The Rare Dual Purpose Layer The Iowa Blue chicken breed is a good dual purpose layer of light brown eggs. They are keenly aware of aerial movements, and one is unable to surprise the chicks, even if all appear to be “sleeping”. This is a very endangered breed with less than 60 Silver pullets accounted for in IBCC's last Census, but with the help of a few very devoted breeders the Iowa Blue is coming back from the brink of extinction. Add to this the expectation of eggs and meat, as well as procreation, and you have before you a poultry man’s dream. If you have purchased birds directly from Hoover’s Hatchery in the past two years you will automatically be sent a catalog after the first of the year. Having a history of surviving with minimal human intervention, it’s not uncommon to witness the breed minding its own from spring to fall with little to no supplemental feed necessary (given they have enough space to glean their needs). Blue Polish. Shop our poultry supplies, equipment, and live birds! A new color: lite coral Lite blue keets are a light version of the coral blue keet. ! No drama. She will willingly give every ounce of strength she has to defend and protect her young. Iowa Blue body type is a unique feature of the breed. Officially, the Iowa Blue Chicken Club has accepted that the Iowa Blue was originally a medium sized bird (based on accounts as well as pictures of the original birds) and has therefore represented the standard as a rooster being 7lbs, cockerels at 6lbs,  Hens are 6lbs, and the Pullet being 5lbs. No doubt, much more happens than is witnessed. An Iowa Blue tail is quite distinct, putting a “stamp” on all crossbred offspring. 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