has consequently increased, so has the role of the mass media like television, radio, cinema, newspaper increased.” So now-a-day, press, radio, cinema, television, etc. Microsoft Education has teamed up with BBC Learning and BBC World Service to bring you and your students an engaging global media literacy program that will help teach students how to be good consumers of the news and raise their awareness about global issues. Historical Development of Pakistan Television. Bombay TV. Let's take a look at how television can add value in the classroom. In the 25 years since "Sesame Street" was created, assorted studies have shown that it helps preschool children learn about numbers and the alphabet, and … And while many young children do regularly watch TV, the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that children under age 2 should not watch any television at all, and children over age 2 should watch a maximum of just one to two hours per day 1.Even educational television programs can affect the brain. Almost verbatim, I was stating the same thing, when we were kids the television stations went off air at a certain time and for those few hours a child had nothing to do but go to sleep. The solution will be the development of a culture of discipline in the face of abundant and inexpensive choices. Preschool children who watched a few hours a week of educational programming perform better on achievement tests over time than their peers who watch more general entertainment shows, according to researchers at the University of Texas in Austin.Dr. research is more important in education than ever before. The other problem that nobody seems to talk much about is the learning passivity imposed by television. God forbid, you ask a child to go outside and play. 4. Some studies indicate that television viewing properly used in moderation can stimulate a child’s education and creativity. Actually, a lot of us are addicted to television and now it is nearly impossible to find a home that doesn’t have a television set. Once they get older it isn't as bad. Parents should seek out good quality TV and whenever possible, enjoy them together as a family. It’s Trying to Save Us. Role of Mass Media in providing Education Mass media:- Television programs, internet websites, feature-length films, newspapers, music tapes and CDs, magazines, billboards, radio programs: essentially, a tool/technology which is used by someone to transmit a message to a large external audience is called mass media. Some educational functions of television are discussed as follows. Although watching television can certainly improve your ability to understand English (passive vocabulary), it will only help with your conversational skills if effort is made to practise the words learned and use them in conversation. For instance, television programs are quite commonly used in school classrooms, and teachers may use educational videos or segments recorded from network broadcasts to accentuate their lessons and provide learning avenues for children with different learning styles. Physically distant locations have come close to each other only due to computer networking. Children under 6 watch an average of two hours of screen media per day, and kids 8 to 18 years spend roughly four hours a day watching TV. It is very likely that the traditional school education just does not need distance technology. Educational television helps people to learn in any places. (Courtesy) How they can be used. The role is directly related to the question of how the planners are serious and determined to use television. I interact with dozens of teachers at professional development workshops, and every teacher I have asked say their students are two or more years behind grade level. Educational television or learning television is the use of television programs in the field of distance education. Today, educational efforts can still be found on television, but most such programming is distributed over the Internet. One participant of them is internet that is acting as catalyst in each every fields of life. Educational television is the use of television programs in the field of distance education. -------------------------- There are a few exceptions: Sesame Street and Mr. Robert’s Neighborhood got 5-apple ratings for educational usefulness. In India, where the illiteracy rate is ____ television and radio programmes, when used as part of a larger communication campaign, have successfully increased overall awareness about the dangers of diarrhoeal diseases and different treatments for dehydration. Dora the Explorer teaches children how to observe situations and solve problems as they explore Dora's world with her. I remember around 1965 seeing my 5-year-old son looking at test patterns and then a college physics course, while waiting for the cartoons to come on. So the next time you get up in arms about our failing schools, remember that a childhood filled with TV is probably a big part of the problem.